Covid-19 Cancellations

We have decided, for the safety of our members and your families, that the remainder of our club season is cancelled for all in person activities. This means that all meetings, outings, and banquet are cancelled up to and including June 2020.

However, the good news is that we can continue some interaction, including our competitions, online! Our Judging Director and our Webmaster have worked out a great plan to publish a PDF on our Members’ Website along with the competition photos that are normally posted there each month. You will be able to see the judges’ comments and score for each photo as you would hear in person at our Main Meetings. (Names will be left off all non winning photos the same way that they are during meetings.) You will be able to see monthly photo results online by April 8th and May 6th (the day after each of the Main Meetings would normally be held).

Our March and April competitions will continue as normal monthly competitions. The May competitions each year are our Annual Award Competitions submissions for the themes of Marine, Travel, Open, and People. Our Judging Director has confirmed with our judges that they agree to judge these competitions as normal. Our Webmaster has agreed to create the videos for the year end results (which are normally shown at our banquet) and post them on our website for June 2nd, so all members can still enjoy the year end competitions and awards. We are looking forward to this!

Although the Executive wishes things were different, we are excited that we have found a way to keep our members safe while continuing our competitions online for you. Please stay connected on our Members’ Area of the website and our private Facebook group for interactions with your fellow club members. I know some interesting ideas for photography at home have already been posted to the Facebook group!

Stay safe!
Jayne Primeau, Sarnia Photographic Club President

  • Winner - 2019 Open - Young Great Horned Owl by Karin McFarlane
  • Winner - 2019 Travel - Stupas by Alexa Coupland
  • Winner - 2019 Marine - Gone Fishin by Jayne Primeau
  • Winner - 2019 Annual People - Girl with Pheasant by Mary Kilbreath
  • Winner - 2018 Annual Open - Snowy Owl by Jayne Primeau
  • Winner - 2018 Annual People - The Sicilian by Michelle Rondeau
  • Winner - 2018 Annual Travel - Laundry Day in Myanmar by Alexa Coupland
  • Winner - 2018 Annual Marine - Quidi Vidi Harbour by Alexa Coupland
  • Winner - 2017 Annual Travel - Tanzanian Abacus by Erica Laker
  • Winner - 2017 Annual People - Old Man on Bus by Jim Paton
  • Winner - 2017 Annual Open - Signs of Spring by Jayne Primeau
  • Winner - 2017 Annual Marine - Driftwood Sunset by Ian Sanderson
  • Winner - 2016 Annual Open - Eagle by Pierre Houle
  • Winner - 2016 Annual People - Cuban Corner by Bill Coombes
  • Winner - 2016 Annual Travel - Torngat Mountains, Labrador by Bill Coombes
  • Winner - 2016 Annual Marine - Fisherman by Kieron Nelson
  • Winner - 2015 Annual Travel - Kangaamiut by Bill Coombes
  • Winner - 2015 Annual Open - Harris Hawk by Evelyn Buchner
  • Winner - 2015 Annual People - School Days by Kieron Nelson
  • Winner - 2015 Annual Marine - Spirit by Evelyn Buchner

Spring Exhibition

SPC Exhibition Poster